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Subordinate Lodges

Lights of St. John No. 101 A.F & A.M

Lights of St. John No. 101 meet every 3rd Saturday of the month. Email:  

WB. Olugbenga Shomade 33rd
Worshipful Master

Ionic Lodge No. 102 A.F & A.M

Ionic Lodge No. 102 meet every 4th Thursday of the month @ 6:30pm. Email:  

WB. Lee Trahan 32nd
Worshipful Master

Doric Lodge No. 103 A.F & A.M

Doric Lodge No. 103 meet every 2nd Saturday of the month. 


WB. Brayln Batiste 32nd
Worshipful Master

Lodge Eureka No. 104 A.F & A.M

Lodge Eureka No. 104 meet every 4th Saturday of the month. Email:  

WB. Glenn Dyer 32nd 
Acting Worshipful Master

Pride of Leonville No. 105 A.F & A.M

Pride of Leonville Lodge No. 105 meet every 4th Saturday of the month @ High Noon.


WB. Hillary Shakesnider 32nd
Worshipful Master

Lucas Lodge No. 357 A.F & A.M

Lucas Lodge No. 357 meet every 1st Thursday @ 7pm & 3rd Saturday of the month


WB. Collins Wade
Worshipful Master

King Solomon Temple No. 107 A.F & A.M

KST No. 107 meet every 1st Wednesday @ 5:30pm & 3rd Sunday of the month @ 7pm


WB. Marvin Johnson 32nd
Worshipful Master


District 1

Lights of St. John Lodge No. 101


District 2

Ionic Lodge No. 102 

Doric Lodge No. 103


District 3

Lucas Lodge No. 357

King Solomon Temple No. 107

District 4

Pride of Leonville No. 105

Lodge Eureka 104

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